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Nicole Murphy

Home made supports local, it's personal, it's not major chains, plastic, requiring batteries crap. Everything I've seen at the Square shows great talent and enthusiasm with massive doses of passion. Love it.

Emma Martin

Being a childhood educator and now a mum of a 6 month old, i have found handmade items are hardy and allow children to use their creativity. I have had so many other mums ask whee i find my childs toys, bibs, etc and they are always the handmade items i have purchased for her. It's great to be able to support local small business owners as well - fantastic work!

Bec Perry

I love giving and getting gifts that have a story. Most times when you buy something handmade you get to talk to someone who has made the item or knows someone who has. You get to have a chat and find out a little about what you have bought and the people behind it. And who doesn't like a chat and something well made and extra cute?!

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